Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265)

Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265)

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Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265) outputs 2,850mJ/cm2/sec of 265nm UV-C light. Because UV-C 265nm is invisible to the human eye, the Light Card includes two rows of UV-A 400nm. The addition of a trace amount of UV-A ensures users know when Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265) has been activated.

Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265) has been independently tested by Temple University and SGS Laboratories. Temple University concluded that Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265) deactivates ZIKV (Zika Virus), a virus structurally similar to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), to 3-LOG (99.9%) in 15 seconds from a distance of 40.5 centimeters (16 inches). SGS concluded that a single Anthem One LED deactivated E. coli to 6-LOG (99.9999%) within 40 seconds. Additional medical testing is ongoing and will be added to our product description in the near future.

Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265) has 114 UV-C 265nm and 38 UV-A 400nm LEDs, making it the most powerful UV sterilizer in the world. Because of the modular nature of Anthem One, Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265nm) is the world's first and only Mass Volume Sterilizer.

Applications include facility sterilization (hospitals, airports, subway terminals, bus stations, offices, retail spaces, theaters, schools and stadiums), PPE re-sterilization (masks, caps, gloves and gowns), equipment sterilization, human "clothed shower" sterilization as well as the interiors of airplanes, buses, subways, trains, cars and trucks.

According to studies published with the NIH, UV-C is safe for limited human exposure, both externally and internally. Consult with a skilled medical professional who is already proficient in UV-C science for recommended human exposure. UV-C is misunderstood by journalists, politicians and medical professionals who misapply their understandings of UV-A and UV-B science to UV-C.

Please note, while NIH studies indicate UV-C is safe for human exposure, the same studies indicate that excessive exposure can result in skin burns and temporary blindness. It is absolutely critical that users consult with a skilled, experienced medical professional with UV-C experience to determine the appropriate exposure time to Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265) before using.

We recommend wearing safety goggles, gloves, long sleeved shirt and applying SPF50 sunscreen on any exposed skin (including ears and neck) whenever using Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265).

As with all Anthem Light Cards, the field of light is 160 degrees but can easily be modified with our lenses, speed mounts and other accessories to whatever you need.

Retains 70% luminosity at approximately 10,000 hours. Apply thermal paste, approximately the size of two rice-grains, in the center of Anthem One's heat sink and install Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265). When thermal paste dries out, wipe clean with a wet-wipe and reapply.

Unlike our other Anthem Light Cards, do not touch the UV-C LEDs. They are more fragile than traditional LEDs. Carefully, wipe clean with a wet wipe if they appear dirty. Fingerprints, smudges and dirt do not harm Anthem Light Cards (but they might diminish brightness).

Includes (1) Anthem Light Card (UV-C 265) and (1) 3.5mg syringe of Anthem Thermal Paste. 

Ships within 7-10 business days after security background check has been completed. Only available to specific facilities and agencies until the COVID-19 Pandemic has been resolved. For questions on qualifications, contact