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Behind the Scenes of the film 'Honor Among Thieves'


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The Laundromat
Honor Among Thieves
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Anthem one (Mark Two)

While Anthem One may look the same on the outside, every major internal component has been upgraded. Anthem One's spring-loaded Light Card contacts can resist a voltage spike 600% greater than the Mark One. Improvements in the heat sink increase thermal flow by 75%. Screw bosses are 400% thicker & denser. Every element & subassembly, from reverse-voltage protection diodes to fan subassemblies, have been upgraded and improved. And its still the only light source in the world with interchangeable LEDs.

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Anthem power (Mark Two)

Anthem Power (Mark Two) includes 18 major improvements including a 2" OLED interface, 5-pin DMX-512 ports, USB port for firmware upgrades, better thermal control, improved Broadway-quality 0-100% organic dimming and extruded aluminum handles.
Improved thermal management allows users to operate Anthem Power in temperatures exceeding 38C (100F) at 100% brightness without overheating the system. Upgraded electronics and improved voltage spike protection result in the toughest, best Anthem Power we've ever designed. Anthem Power is equipped with a universal 110V/220V power supply. And, because of its massive energy efficiency, Anthem Power achieves 200-500% longer run-times on lithium-ion batteries, which means users can now power their entire film set without gasoline generators. Shoot anywhere on earth. Without noise, gas, fumes, cable runs or large crews.

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Anthem Light Cards

Anthem Light Cards are the only removable LEDs in the world. Our patent-pending technology enables users to swap out Anthem Light Cards in less than a minute. This future-proofs Anthem One, enabling users to upgrade the Light Card rather than replace the entire lighting system. And with twelve different Anthem Light Cards, users have far more options of pure, full-spectrum light as well as exotic light fields composed of Military Grade IR, Black Light and light fields specifically designed for green screen removal. At long last, your light source has more in common with RAM or hard drives than with some 19th century glass tube.

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anthem accessories

From baby pin adaptors to yokes, from barn doors to speed mounts, from c-clamps to lenses, Anthem Accessories enable users to modify and mount Anthem One in a myriad of ways.

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Stainless steel socket

Both Anthem One and Anthem Power are now equipped with stainless steel sockets. Milling the sockets from solid stainless steel ensures the metal's grain structure is intact, increasing strength and resisting
tear-out. With a Rockwell Hardness rating of 59 Rc, Anthem's stainless steel sockets can resist more than 1,000 pounds of pull force.


Anthem Light Cards are designed for all human skin tones, not just Europeans. The color science behind Anthem Light Cards ensures that every human being looks their best under artificial light.
Unsurprisingly, this results in better skin tones for European artists as well! Costumes, sets and artwork also benefit from better color fidelity.

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A single Anthem One on a 24 foot light stand easily illuminates a half-acre backlot. The 160 degree beam defies conventional wisdom, starting as a massive wall of light at the source and filling vast spaces with whatever light field the user desires.

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Anthem Baseplates allow users to assemble up to four Anthem Ones together in seconds. Each Baseplate interfaces with Anthem Yokes, Anthem Baby Pin Adapters, Anthem 3/8-16 Adapters to ensure users can array Anthem One with their existing gear.

Four Anthem Ones mounted to Anthem Baseplate (Quartet) is equal to a 3.2kW HMI, but with a massive 160 X 190 degree ellipsoidal beam. That's large enough to illuminate an entire American football field.

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Power your Anthem One system with a Yeti lithium-ion battery and say goodbye to gasoline generators. You'll never have to deal with noise, smoke or cable runs again.

Our dedication to energy efficiency means Anthem One operates longer than any other high-output light in the world.

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Anthem One Disrupts More Than 25 Different Industries That Use Industrial Lighting.

Anthem One goes far beyond the media industry. While Anthem One has obvious applications in film, television, photography, live events, theme parks, visual effects and news, our interchangeable Anthem Light Cards are also specifically designed for agriculture, firefighters, mining, search & rescue, hunting, military, architecture and so much more.

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"It's absolutely fantastic! It's so powerful. Even when its soft, you can still get a good cut, which for a cinematographer is very important."

Anthony Richmond, ASC | BSC
New York Film Academy

"This light has changed everything. The most important thing to me is rendering skin tones. These guys have nailed the technology."

Reuben Aaronson
Multiple Emmy Winning Cinematographer

"There are so many fantastic ways this will save time and energy on set."

Sandra Valde
AFI Cinematography Instructor

"As a director, Anthem will make my life easier, as a producer it will make my films cheaper and as an actor it will make me look good."

Carl Gottlieb, DGA | WGAW

"Using the Anthem Light Card (Green Screen) is the easiest key I've ever pulled. Anthem One is a gift to the film industry."

Luis Caffesse
editor & cinematographer, Troublemaker Studios

"Anthem One is the kind of design that can only come from a fanatic, in the best possible way. Anthem One oozes an extraordinary commitment to detail."

Hugh Brownstone
Three Blind Men And An Elephant